Licensing Process Guide

This guide has been designed to walk you through the process of obtaining your license with The Foursquare Church. We are excited for you and all that God is doing in your life and ministry and this guide will be useful to you

as you navigate a process that you are most likely unfamiliar with at this point. In the coming weeks, you will become increasingly familiar with the Foursquare family and how we recognize, resource and release ministers. These are the steps that will take you toward being a credentialed Foursquare minister.

Please understand that licensing and appointment are interdependent processes as outlined in this guide.



Prior to being issued a license, a person must first have an appointment to a local church ministry position, and in cases where District License and levels above are being pursued, must be engaged at a minimum of 20 hours per week. In Foursquare, licensing and appointment are concurrent. A Foursquare license requires a Foursquare appointment, and a Foursquare appointment requires a Foursquare license.



1. Applicant talks with the Senior Pastor about the desire to be licensed. The Senior Pastor will contact the Southeast District, who will then be sent the following forms by the Processing Center:

  • a. MP-2 (Senior Pastor’s recommendation)
  • b. MP-9 (Appointment)
  • c. License Application Request Form

2. Once those are returned to the Processing Center, if approved, an application will be sent directly to the applicant. If not approved, the District Office will contact the Senior Pastor to discuss the decision.

3. Applicant completes the application and pays the fees within 60 days.

4. Foursquare Processing Center sends the completed application to the District for approval.

After reviewing the application, the District:

  • a. Approves to “Candidate Status”
  • b. Puts under review: Divorce, Credit and Criminal issues must be reviewed and approved by the District Council.**

**More serious issues or questions that arise from the District Council may require a personal interview.

Please Note: If an ethics process relative to divorce, credit or criminal issues is necessary, the candidate will be required to fill out appropriate forms and given 30 days to respond.

5. The candidate is now ready to move forward and is informed of “Candidate Status” approval. The Processing Center sends the Foursquare Licensing Process Guide (study guide for the interview) and login for the Foursquare Polity Course to the candidate, and a “licensing coach” is appointed. The candidate has 90 days to complete the materials, polity and prepare for the formal interview with their coach.

6. An appointment is scheduled with the interview panel and the interview is conducted.

7. After reviewing the panel’s recommendation, the District will send approval or disapproval to the Processing Center.

8. Approved – candidate is notified by the Foursquare Processing Center and the
appropriate license is issued.

9. Not Approved – Senior Pastor is contacted by the District and the candidate is notified
by the Senior Pastor of the status.


If you have any questions, please contact our licensing coordinator, Charlene Cook a or 704.412.3259.